When do I need an Energy Session?

  • Everything just went down hill suddenly
    You repeat the same old pattern year after year
    Relationships always end the same way

Energy Session:
I look into the body in addition to seeing the energy come to you and leave you.  This session is great for discovering blocks and removing them.  Many of my clients use the distance sessions when traveling or just find it easier and cheaper than driving.

Many say they can feel a calm and gentle warming sensation.  Often colors or smells are noticed.  Pets often will come into the room or jump upon the table as the sense the vibrations coming into the home.

When do I need a Tarot Reading?

  • Curious about the future…love, career, finances?
    Want to know what is coming your way?
    Are you being laid off?
    You want to know about a relationship?

Uses an ancient form of divining with the 78 cards, each one representing an aspect of life, spiritual, mental, physically and financially as well as the Archetypal. During the readings I may see it is very stressful time for you energetically, an indication, for example, you may need more vitamins or flower remedies.   Help see what is happening and how to protect yourself.

This work is not a substitute for medical help.  I work in energy.  Many illnesses manifest in the energy field long before they enter the body.  Use this information to start to change your belief systems and lifestyle, forgiving people and releasing circumstances to free the stress from the body and keep it in a more harmonious state.

When do I need an Animal Healing?

  • Bringing in new pets to the home
    Noticed changes in behavior
    Sick or aging ailments

Animal Healing:
Our animals need help for physical trauma and disease as much as we do.  They love the energy work and respond to the vibrations.  I can intuitively see what is bothering them and direct the energies to the physical area or the emotional body to help them adjust and heal.  Often our companion will pick up our feelings and try to help, and they do.  Their whole world is energy.

When do I need a Space Clearing?

  • Selling a home
    Moved into a new place and it feels off or you don’t feel good, even the pets are acting differently.
    Can’t seem to get your business running smoothly.

Space Clearing:
I’m a certified consultant in Feng Shui, which has been described by others as acupuncture for the home.         Feng Shui is so far beyond moving furniture.  Everything is energy and our space collects the old energy of previous owners, arguments, and hurts, just as people do.  So we just need to clear out the junk from time to time.  After a clearing I can also infuse the space with healing energy and bring in a much more harmonious presence to the space.  You will be able to see problems more clearly and be able to solve them when the     space is cleared.

Home offices or other offices need frequent clearings, as they pick up and hold the occupants’ vibrations.  Cleaning space with room to move around in is critical to getting a business off the ground.  What you see      around you does matter.  Chaos is not your friend.

When Do I Need to Clear Traumatic Events?

  • You feel stuck
    Events surface during the week more than 2-3 times
    You feel angry or fearful when thinking of a specific event or period of time

Tramatic Events Clearing or Clearing Periods of Time:
Often we have events and traumas that haunt us years or decades later.  As a hypnotherapist, I have seen people held back and stuck by past traumas, repeating the same pattern over and over.  By clearing that event and the energy still stuck in that time period, people are amazed to feel a great burden gone.  ‘The room feels brighter, and I feel lighter,” are comments I frequently get.

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