Services and Fees

Services and Fees

Experienced in Tarot Readings, Coaching, Energy Healing Sessions, Chakra Balancing,   Animal Energy, Space Clearing in Homes and Offices, Readings….

Schedule a phone session or a reading in person

Per Hour $125.00  Energy Coaching

Per Hour:  $125.00 Tarot

Per Hour:  $125.00 General Energy Healing Session

Per Hour:  $125.00 Chakra Balancing

Per Hour:  $150.00 Animal Energy Work

Per Hour:  $185.00 Space Clearing in Home or Office

Medical Intuitive Work $185.00

Combination Readings:

Medical Intuitive Work $185.00, and energy remedies ( if you want that service during a regular appointment then it is $185.00, not the $125.00, fee. It is always the higher fee as it requires more expertise and energy to do.

Those on monthly retainer:

The monthly fee is based on 4 weeks, if your day falls on a month with the fifth day it is an extra appointment.

Payments Accepted by Cash, Credit Card or PayPal
Use my Contact Darielle page or call direct to schedule:  (206) 282-4068