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Help -The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

Why isn’t the Law of Attraction working for me?

I’ve been contacted many times to address why the Law of Attraction isn’t working.  This article will shed light about how we follow things or formulas that don’t seem to work out right and what we can do.

Many of us have read The Law of Attraction and had good results.  We practiced, visualized, and dreamed of     the “good life”.  It is a great feeling to feel empowered, moving ahead and seeing results.  There is a sense       that everything works in harmony and just falls into place.

Our posture improves, we seem to hold our heads higher and walk taller.  We may even notice a bounce in our step.  Smiling is easier, people respond to us better, whether in the store or even the airport.  As we begin to experience this feeling, we never want this feeling and opportunities to end.

But sometimes the feeling or the results are off and the momentum comes to a halt. 

We experience that slap on head.  What was that all about?  The cascade of doubts are massive.  Motion stops as we bemoan what went wrong.

A fleeting thought that this won’t work out or we have a sense of hurry and worry. The latter changes the quality of the whole process.  When doubt and impatience permeates our entire work, these two qualities of negative thoughts pierce through and take away the true positive outcome.  We may get part of the outcome to come out correctly.  Yet we know the mark was missed.

We have followed or thought we have done the right things and still success eludes us.  Why?  We question ourselves and then the doubts and fears overwhelm us.  We assume that we did the same procedures as always.  So what happened?

The knowledge I’ve received from this process is that I did indeed not follow the procedures in the system.       Even more revealing was there was a different sense even from the beginning.  Something was every so                  slightly off, my feeling and execution of the task, just the tiniest thing that something was already amiss.

Here are ways for the Law of Attraction to work for you

An exercise:

  1. Breathe deeply several times.
  2. Visualize frustration draining down from the top of your head going all the way to down to the bottom of your feet. (Water is another good way to do this one, see a tub of water drain.)  Water also represents your emotions. Sometimes it will have a color.  Just let it drain.
  3. Notice any tension in neck, stomach or chest area.  Drain these areas again.
  4. Begin to focus on the area around the heart, the 4th Chakra.  Breathe into it.  Often our head and heart get to fighting on projects when things do not go right or as planned.
  5. Remember a time when a project went smoothly….get the feeling of that project.  See it from start to finish, noticing any small details or things you did.  Once you have done this, repeat a few times.
  6. Look a your current project.  Did it have the same feeling from the start?  If the start was smooth, did this particular project bring up feelings of insecurity, or remind you of something from the past?  This is valuable information you can use.
  7. Take the results from current project that isn’t going well and view it step-by-step and see where you lost         the feeling of it running smoothly.  Go back to step one.  This is a step in clearing the “charge” around the project.

I’ve been observing, reviewing and reflecting on those times when the ‘Law of Attraction’ did not work.  The conclusions I came to has given cause to slow down.

I began checking in with my own clarity and vision. 

Did I live my dream daily and claim ownership of my dreams or was I just doing the daydream things with little effort and carry through?

I asked myself, am I truly putting forth the efficient effort, being in the present and doing my best at whatever I’m doing?  Positive Efficient effort duplicated many times gives us success.  Doing the things that will bring you 80% of what you want rather than doing 20% that bring you little or nothing.

So where are you?

Other times I did follow the system and it still did not work out right.  I had a project I was working on and it just wasn’t going smoothly.  No matter what I did there was another obstacle.  So I blessed the project and let it go.

One thing that became evident was when I entered the competitive zone and went into the negative zone, winning at all costs, things did not work out.  But things were good and more rewarding by allowing and receiving, and allowed me to engage in the creative side of manifesting my dreams.

A few weeks later, the same project came back in a different form.  This one was more complete and was a better fit.  I found during those weeks I’d grown and previous work had given me a new perspective.

Realization dawned on me after a few of those projects that did not work out to my satisfaction.  There was something else at work.  I began writing notes during times when things went astray.  What I found in those old journals was that something always better came along.  In fact so many of them would have been a disaster had they been completed.

The faster I let go, the faster the “new” came into being.  It was teaching me to trust the process and my own inner guidance.  It released me to a new level of relaxing and just do the work and enjoy it.

I’m still keeping track of these times and more than ever.  I see that it is merely a learning experience.  The quality of my listening has improved significantly.  The hills and valleys have evened out and life has a deeper and more enjoyable flow to it.

There are systems that do work.  You have to work the system, but it does work.  Are you ready?

Success is a series of steps.  From the small success steps, we get comfortable with the leaps that follow.

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