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10 Signs of a Poverty Mindset

Who Would You Betray by Being Abundant?

Is there a feeling that someone would be angry with you if you started getting your dreams fulfilled?  Do you feel bad that you might pass your parents or siblings by?  It is good for you to manifest your dreams.  Science has also shown having fun and doing what you love makes one healthier.

If you want to know if you have a Poverty Mindset the following will show you where focus, and what needs to be made and cleared on many levels.

10 Signs of a Poverty Mindset

  1. You have money worries and it occupies most of your daily thoughts.
  2. Focus continually on what you don’t have.
  3. Jealous of those that have more than you .. the rich?
  4. Fear rules the day.  This emotion is behind almost every decision.
  5. Insomnia and you suddenly wake up afraid.
  6. Worry and an upset stomach.
  7. Anger and/or loss of something now or 10 to 20 years ago.
  8. Do distracting activities rather than doing what will make you money.
  9. Starting projects and not completing them.  This sets up a habit and the mind goes back to the endless projects that were never completed.  You feel guilty.
  10. Doing too many things at once.  Short term just now and not seeing the long term vision.

How Do You Break the Poverty Mindset?

Changing awareness of our mindset is the first step in breaking the pattern.

  • Confront your fears
  • Look at the fears that come up the most.  Are they real or perceived future losses?

Change awareness of your weaknesses.

  • Are you in the habit of dwelling on what you “lack” ?
  • Our conversations are filled with our lack of self esteem.

Lack of carry through.

  • Saying I want to change or speak, but I don’t.
  • What do I want to finish now ?

Breakthrough from Poverty to Abundance

Once aware of our poverty mindset, it can cause anger and frustration.  To get beyond this, here is an exercise:

  1. Clarify what you want, not what you don’t want.  Remember thoughts where you put your energy.  Just get it down on paper.  You have heard it many times for a reason, it makes a difference.  Knowledge is power and you have something specific to take steps to improve.
  2. What project do you really want to bring to completion?  What are the benefits of completing this project?     Is it worth the time and effort?  Make it a priority put it in your calendar and get it done.
  3. Do one thing really well and keep doing it.

Breaking the Poverty Mindset Makes Room for Abundance

Being aware of where you are is the start of Moving Forward.  Take some steps to break the mindset and you will receive abundance and manifest your dreams.

I’ve used Hypnosis to clear old mindsets and to help people their improve self esteem. Clients often comment that by improving self esteem it also helped create more income and have said, “I seem to have more money at the end of the month!”

Let me help you make those positive changes now.  Call today and get started.

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