Healing More Than A State Of Mind – Greater Awareness

Healing Energy

Healing Energy

Healing in part of our life or body takes updating ourselves on multiple levels, not just the mind or habits but truly increasing our awareness.  It requires being open to new possibilities and information and updating old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you. That new piece of information to make an activity or project easier is a sudden insight received.

The feeling that it is possible to heal or overcome a challenge is one of the strongest motivators to help you step into that place of well being and enjoy being well. How to lower stress at these times is very important, tips.

Creating new awareness is a process that you can engage at anytime. As we desire a more fulfilling life and relationships we are moved to expand our knowledge, skills understanding and observe the habits that keep us stuck.

Action or no action – we believe is based upon choice when, in fact, there are more steps that take place in that split second. It was our belief, skills, and habits to meet the change that was engaged. Here we just thought we were or were not going to take action.

Below is an exercise that I used with my husband this morning… he asked I want know more about reducing tension.

We did this morning and afterward he said ‘I do not want to open my eyes I felt  relaxed  in my neck, and my shoulders feel lighter and I like being in that place…I enjoy feeling well.'” Hours later he said I feel I have a greater awareness about my tension, his words, “I like this feeling.”

Awareness experiment: I want to feel more relaxed

Sitting at your desk or in a chair

Put left hand in the center of your chest

Right hand on top of left

Think a healing or comforting thought

Breathe it in

Exhale sending the healing thought to whatever place or condition you want to address.

Do this for a few minutes

Take valuable information you learned during this time.

Take notice: where did your relax?

What words or feelings did you experience?

This enhanced awareness can help you in your daily life.

Use it often.

Creating a greater awareness opens doors that were not available to you before. The latest research on  how the mind works indicates that positive outlook, words and actions come from a different place in the brain granting access to a place where opportunities exist. The mind mapping research shows that different parts of the brain turn on during those moments when we learn or challenge ourselves, while turning off  other parts of the brain connected to limiting old habits.

The opposite is true: when we feel trapped or challenged beyond our skill level, we freeze. Old habits say we cannot do that, then we replay all the times that we did not succeed in trying something new. That part of the reptilian brain — flight or fight — is activated and turns off the possibilities.

Turn on the well being and experience great awareness and take new steps. Even small steps keep you moving forward.




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Moving Forward in Times of Stress

How do you keep the momentum of moving forward in times of stress?

Mastering  panic and worry that cause stress is one of the most important steps anyone can learn. Being positive in the face of challenges is worth the effort. It keeps your immune system strong and you focused on daily actions. It is through the continual steps of action we achieve our dreams.

By shifting our focus of what we don’t want to feelings of being loved and appreciated is very powerful.  The first step is to calm the mind and let the emotions settle down a bit.  Oh great!  I’m stressed and my mind won’t quiet and the emotional turmoil is like a tsunami. Stress is a part of our daily life and the Institute of Stress research that 80% of illnesses come from stress.

Tips for reducing stress



Distance Healings For Pets and People

Distance Healings for Pets

I have been a distance healer for 25 years as well as a medical intuitive. We are all connected in life to one another people places and pets. With energy there is really no distance as everything is in the now and where you are.

Testimonial:                                                                                                                                                                                       Darielle did distance healing with our family dog, Snickers.  He is a senior dog and has arthritis.  Darielle has helped him relax and experience more energy.  Darielle worked on him and when we took him to the vet for a routine check up, he told us his blood was like a 3 year old! (he is 14 in dog years).  Snickers even acts like a 3 year old after she does works on him. Not only does our beloved pet feel better, but we feel better knowing he has the best care possible. Kathy







10 Signs of a Poverty Mindset

Who Would You Betray by Being Abundant?

Is there a feeling that someone would be angry with you if you started getting your dreams fulfilled?  Do you feel bad that you might pass your parents or siblings by?  It is good for you to manifest your dreams.  Science has also shown having fun and doing what you love makes one healthier.

If you want to know if you have a Poverty Mindset the following will show you where focus, and what needs to be made and cleared on many levels.

10 Signs of a Poverty Mindset

  1. You have money worries and it occupies most of your daily thoughts.
  2. Focus continually on what you don’t have.
  3. Jealous of those that have more than you .. the rich?
  4. Fear rules the day.  This emotion is behind almost every decision.
  5. Insomnia and you suddenly wake up afraid.
  6. Worry and an upset stomach.
  7. Anger and/or loss of something now or 10 to 20 years ago.
  8. Do distracting activities rather than doing what will make you money.
  9. Starting projects and not completing them.  This sets up a habit and the mind goes back to the endless projects that were never completed.  You feel guilty.
  10. Doing too many things at once.  Short term just now and not seeing the long term vision.

How Do You Break the Poverty Mindset?

Changing awareness of our mindset is the first step in breaking the pattern.

  • Confront your fears
  • Look at the fears that come up the most.  Are they real or perceived future losses?

Change awareness of your weaknesses.

  • Are you in the habit of dwelling on what you “lack” ?
  • Our conversations are filled with our lack of self esteem.

Lack of carry through.

  • Saying I want to change or speak, but I don’t.
  • What do I want to finish now ?

Breakthrough from Poverty to Abundance

Once aware of our poverty mindset, it can cause anger and frustration.  To get beyond this, here is an exercise:

  1. Clarify what you want, not what you don’t want.  Remember thoughts where you put your energy.  Just get it down on paper.  You have heard it many times for a reason, it makes a difference.  Knowledge is power and you have something specific to take steps to improve.
  2. What project do you really want to bring to completion?  What are the benefits of completing this project?     Is it worth the time and effort?  Make it a priority put it in your calendar and get it done.
  3. Do one thing really well and keep doing it.

Breaking the Poverty Mindset Makes Room for Abundance

Being aware of where you are is the start of Moving Forward.  Take some steps to break the mindset and you will receive abundance and manifest your dreams.

I’ve used Hypnosis to clear old mindsets and to help people their improve self esteem. Clients often comment that by improving self esteem it also helped create more income and have said, “I seem to have more money at the end of the month!”

Let me help you make those positive changes now.  Call today and get started.

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Help -The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

Why isn’t the Law of Attraction working for me?

I’ve been contacted many times to address why the Law of Attraction isn’t working.  This article will shed light about how we follow things or formulas that don’t seem to work out right and what we can do.

Many of us have read The Law of Attraction and had good results.  We practiced, visualized, and dreamed of     the “good life”.  It is a great feeling to feel empowered, moving ahead and seeing results.  There is a sense       that everything works in harmony and just falls into place.

Our posture improves, we seem to hold our heads higher and walk taller.  We may even notice a bounce in our step.  Smiling is easier, people respond to us better, whether in the store or even the airport.  As we begin to experience this feeling, we never want this feeling and opportunities to end.

But sometimes the feeling or the results are off and the momentum comes to a halt. 

We experience that slap on head.  What was that all about?  The cascade of doubts are massive.  Motion stops as we bemoan what went wrong.

A fleeting thought that this won’t work out or we have a sense of hurry and worry. The latter changes the quality of the whole process.  When doubt and impatience permeates our entire work, these two qualities of negative thoughts pierce through and take away the true positive outcome.  We may get part of the outcome to come out correctly.  Yet we know the mark was missed.

We have followed or thought we have done the right things and still success eludes us.  Why?  We question ourselves and then the doubts and fears overwhelm us.  We assume that we did the same procedures as always.  So what happened?

The knowledge I’ve received from this process is that I did indeed not follow the procedures in the system.       Even more revealing was there was a different sense even from the beginning.  Something was every so                  slightly off, my feeling and execution of the task, just the tiniest thing that something was already amiss.

Here are ways for the Law of Attraction to work for you

An exercise:

  1. Breathe deeply several times.
  2. Visualize frustration draining down from the top of your head going all the way to down to the bottom of your feet. (Water is another good way to do this one, see a tub of water drain.)  Water also represents your emotions. Sometimes it will have a color.  Just let it drain.
  3. Notice any tension in neck, stomach or chest area.  Drain these areas again.
  4. Begin to focus on the area around the heart, the 4th Chakra.  Breathe into it.  Often our head and heart get to fighting on projects when things do not go right or as planned.
  5. Remember a time when a project went smoothly….get the feeling of that project.  See it from start to finish, noticing any small details or things you did.  Once you have done this, repeat a few times.
  6. Look a your current project.  Did it have the same feeling from the start?  If the start was smooth, did this particular project bring up feelings of insecurity, or remind you of something from the past?  This is valuable information you can use.
  7. Take the results from current project that isn’t going well and view it step-by-step and see where you lost         the feeling of it running smoothly.  Go back to step one.  This is a step in clearing the “charge” around the project.

I’ve been observing, reviewing and reflecting on those times when the ‘Law of Attraction’ did not work.  The conclusions I came to has given cause to slow down.

I began checking in with my own clarity and vision. 

Did I live my dream daily and claim ownership of my dreams or was I just doing the daydream things with little effort and carry through?

I asked myself, am I truly putting forth the efficient effort, being in the present and doing my best at whatever I’m doing?  Positive Efficient effort duplicated many times gives us success.  Doing the things that will bring you 80% of what you want rather than doing 20% that bring you little or nothing.

So where are you?

Other times I did follow the system and it still did not work out right.  I had a project I was working on and it just wasn’t going smoothly.  No matter what I did there was another obstacle.  So I blessed the project and let it go.

One thing that became evident was when I entered the competitive zone and went into the negative zone, winning at all costs, things did not work out.  But things were good and more rewarding by allowing and receiving, and allowed me to engage in the creative side of manifesting my dreams.

A few weeks later, the same project came back in a different form.  This one was more complete and was a better fit.  I found during those weeks I’d grown and previous work had given me a new perspective.

Realization dawned on me after a few of those projects that did not work out to my satisfaction.  There was something else at work.  I began writing notes during times when things went astray.  What I found in those old journals was that something always better came along.  In fact so many of them would have been a disaster had they been completed.

The faster I let go, the faster the “new” came into being.  It was teaching me to trust the process and my own inner guidance.  It released me to a new level of relaxing and just do the work and enjoy it.

I’m still keeping track of these times and more than ever.  I see that it is merely a learning experience.  The quality of my listening has improved significantly.  The hills and valleys have evened out and life has a deeper and more enjoyable flow to it.

There are systems that do work.  You have to work the system, but it does work.  Are you ready?

Success is a series of steps.  From the small success steps, we get comfortable with the leaps that follow.

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Beat Clutter Using the Art of Space Clearing and Feng Shui

The benefits of Space Clearing is removing the negative residue of a place

When Space Clearing is done it feels more comfortable to work, play or enjoy friends. Science has shown having visual space decreases stress in mind and body.

By eliminating psychological reminders of what we haven’t done gives the inhabitants a clean slate each day to create more of what you want.  This clarity makes accomplishing goals easier. Even our pets appear calmer.

Beat Clutter Using the Art of Space Clearing

Clearing clutter can be a source of chaos and shame at how things get so out of hand so quickly.  We clean     and straighten up the office or home and feel great.  It’s worth the effort.  The space feels lighter and we feel a sense of accomplishment.  A burden has been lifted.  Three days later we have the same mess.  Why?

In my experience, the rooms return to a form of chaos as we have not given enough attention to creating spaces  or hiding spaces for function.  For example:  Home offices are a catch all, a sewing room, places where we put things that we use but don’t require a great deal of space.  Here is where I observe the consequence of space   not being used to its best advantage.

Space Clearing and Feng Shui used together is the best combination.

Feng Shui is literally translated “Wind and Water”.  It is a combination of art and   science of the use of color, placement, structure and design.  Feng Shui has been practiced in China for over 5000 years.


Feng Shui and Space Clearing observes and works to influence the relationship between the seen and unseen forces of nature and man.  For instance, your house, a seen force, can create chaos or harmony in your career, relationships, and health as the forces continually influence one another.  Our environments have a direct psychological impact and our responses can hinder or help in all areas of our lives.  Chaos begets chaos. Harmony begets harmony.

A Space Clearing and Feng Shui Consultant has the understanding and expertise through intense training to identify subtle cures and remedies that promote and support the flow and design of energy in your home. This flow or Ch’i has a direct positive influence in all areas of your daily life.

Testimonial – by Sherry Sherod, Snohomish, WA

I have been a client of Darielle Archer since 1996.  She is a pleasure to work with and I appreciate her expertise in Feng Shui.  In March of 2013, while I was home on medical leave recovering from reconstructive breast surgery after cancer, I decided it would be beneficial for my healing to unpack all of my photography and art work and put them up where I could once again enjoy them.  We had moved 9 years ago and they had not yet been unpacked.

I asked Darielle to Feng Shui our house while assisting me with this project.  What she performed is an absolute miracle.  The entire project just flowed from one room to the next creating collections and pockets of beauty everywhere you look, including a photo gallery and work studio which I absolutely love.  The Feng Shui then flowed outside of our house where she and her husband Lan extended the current patio area to create a beautiful, relaxing patio setting.  I then hired Darielle and her husband to paint our house with soft, elegant Cabo colors and it looks exquisite.  Darielle is an incredibly talented lady and has completely transformed our home into a place of beauty and peacefulness.  The entire process has been very healing for me. Sherry Sherod, Snohomish, WA

Here are examples of Feng Shui adjustments in a home that is also an artist’s gallery:


Art Studio

Art Studio with Feng Shui

Feng Shui with Lighting

Feng Shui with Lighting







Before wall photos

Before wall photos

After wall photos

After wall photos


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The Mastery of Moving Forward

Eliminate the blocks that are in the way of your life.

You can consult with Darielle and she will help you discover the areas that can be touched
with Energy Healings.

Now is the time to start moving forward.

How does one move forward?  Start from where you are.  Ask yourself, how did I get here?
Where do I want to go?

Moving forward is a state of mind with action.  Many people are paralyzed, stuck in fear, worry, regret and hurt. Living is survival and is no fun.  Learn how to begin eliminating the blocks that prevent movement.  It does take time and effort.  You are worth it.

Begin the process now…the sooner you get moving, the sooner you start receiving the benefits.

Let me help you move forward.

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